Your Personal Concierge in Japan

Are you trying to get the best of your trip to Japan, but you are too busy to go through trip organizations, restaurant bookings and chauffeurs hiring. Are you looking for a way to do business in Japan, but the language barrier, the cultural differences and the Japanese etiquette are holding you back. Leave it to us, send us your request . It’s free, quick and reliable. You will get your reply in less than 24 hours. For any Business related matters, Trip organisation, Trade partner research, Japanese merchandises and cultural collections. Send us your request and you will be more than pleased with what we can do for you. Save your time, your journey can start here.


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“The” Osaka’s must eat food

There is an old Japanese saying: “大阪の食い倒れ” or “Osaka no kuidaore”, which translate to something like: “Osaka’s people are known for overindulging themselves in food and drinks” Wow all that!?  Yes the Japanese words are shorter but the meaning is more or less the same. This saying is easily understandable for someone who visits Osaka … Continue reading “The” Osaka’s must eat food

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