Get Engaged in Japan

Proposal is a moment in your life that will be always remembered as one of the happiest memories, (depending of course on the answer of your beloved one).

One way of popping up the big question is to do it during a holiday trip. Japan is one of the most beautiful and charming countries of the world and a perfect country to have your surprise proposal trip. With cities like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto, the land of the rising sun offers a great and diversified palette of choices. Let’s go through those cities and the options they have to offer for your memorable proposal.

Tokyo by night

1 – Tokyo Proposal

Tokyo is the largest and most populated city in the world; you will be having the greatest fun of your life. One of the most marking qualities in Japan is its safety. Even with a large population of more than 12 million people, you will be able to walk anytime, anywhere without feeling anxiety or frustration due to the late time or being lost. In fact one of the most beautiful experiences I ever had on my first visit was getting lost in Shibuya one of the most famous and entertaining districts of Tokyo.

Akihabara District

Proposing your beloved one in the capital city of Japan can be done in many original and unforgettable manners and we will be there to help you. You can do it while wearing your favorite Cosplay costume characters in Akihabara, the heaven of manga and anime lovers. If you prefer a more traditional way to do your propose, Asakusa will be a perfect place, you can stand in front of Sensō-ji’s  Kaminarimon gate, which is Tokyo’s oldest, and most significant temple, your beloved one will be amazed and hopefully the response will be a firm “Yes”.


More options includes Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree, while watching the sunset from the observation desk, the view and experience are guaranteed to be unforgettable.

2- Osaka Proposal

Osaka Castle

What make Osaka so special is its warm and funny people, its mixture of old and new architecture and, of course, its delicious finger licking food. As soon as you land in Kansai airport you will feel straight away the charming and enchanting city power. Osaka is full of joyful and unexpected surprises, and everywhere you go you will manage to make new friends, local playmates and funny encounters. As a tourist you will be surprised by the way people start talking to you in local restaurants and Izakayas.

You can organize your proposal in one of the endless city sightseeing locations.


Dotonbori is the beating heart of Osaka and one of the most visited attractions in Japan, you can drop on your knee and open the ring box in the middle of Ebisu bridge after displaying a big “Will you marry me” sign message on one of the huge luminous screens surrounding the entire area. You can as well choose a more romantic and private approach and arrange your proposal inside the Umeda Hep 5 Ferris wheel or from the observatory decks available in Umeda Sky Building or Tennoji Abeno Harukasu, the tallest building in Japan.

Osaka View

Of course locations like Osaka castle or Shitennō-ji temple will be perfect as well for your proposal if you prefer more traditional and historical spots.

3 – Kyoto Proposal


Original capital of Japan for more than a thousand year, Kyoto is the place to visit if you really want to experience the Japanese traditional culture. With seventeen locations listed as UNESCO World Heritage, the city is endlessly discoverable. You will be amazed by the amount of temples, parks and museums available to visit. You can organize a day trip to Fushimi Inari shrine and offer the ring surrounded by thousands and thousands of Vermilion Torii gates expending for a total distance of four kilometres into the mystical mountain. The beauty of nature, the endless perspective and the orphic atmosphere will make your companion speechless…, hopefully after saying yes.

Fushimi Inari

Another option will be to make your big proposal while wearing Kimonos, (easily rented or bought from several shops all around the city) in Gion district one of the most traditional and perfectly maintained cities in Kyoto, the well preserved traditional Japanese architecture district will make you and your beloved one, feel like you went back hundreds of years into the past for a historical proposal.


All these options and more are easily organised through Kansai Concierge. So if you are visiting Japan with the intention of getting engaged, please let us know. We will be delighted to help you go through booking, scouting and scheduling your perfect proposal trip. We can personalize, arrange and advise you through the entire big event. Save your time, avoid any unexpected event. Kansai Concierge will help you make your dream come true and have the best memories of your life.

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