Summer in Osaka

Summer is here and what’s better than enjoying it with a memorable trip to Osaka? The biggest city of Kansai is more suitable for outings and adventurous activities during this season. Many of the natural scenic spots here are very beautiful in hot times. The trees are abundant and the air is relatively fresh even during the hot days.

Dotonbori Day

It is totally possible to play in the natural area or to organise picnics. Many of the attractions here are outdoor. In the summertime, sunny weather is more prominent, so it will be more convenient for beach, barbecue parties and mountain trekking. There are many other touristic attractions here, like Universal Studio Japan or Iga Ninja Village, which are more suitable to visit during sunny days.

Osaka Morning

During the day, the average temperature is around 32 degrees and at night, it drops to reach 24 degrees. The weather in Kansai area is relatively humid but perfectly enjoyable. No much wind during the dry season, except the occasional energizing breezes. Walking around the city even during the hottest days is agreeable and drinks vending machines are literally available in every street.

Dotonbori Night

You can enjoy the summer of Osaka, by going to the famous Japanese Beer Gardens in Umeda or around Nakanoshima. Plenty of cultural and traditional festivals are held between the months of June and September, and you can assist to plenty of street “Matsuris” every single day of the week. Join the Kansai people during the “Obon” and dance with local people during the traditional dancing parties held outdoor in every corner of the city.  There is never a bad season to visit Osaka, but summer may stand as the best time to be here.


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