As a Tourist, Should I visit Osaka or stay only in Tokyo?

Most of the people think about Osaka as a prefecture or maybe as a city, but due to the proximity of other major Kansai cities and their heavy historical and economical impact on Japan it is better to talk about the Keihanshin metropolitan area as a unified entity.

Kyoto by かねのり 三浦 from Pixabay

Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto – Photo by かねのり 三浦 from Pixabay

When we talk about Osaka, we shouldn’t forget about the closeness of Kyoto; the former Imperial capital of Japan for more than one thousand years (29 minutes by train from Osaka Station) and Kobe (34 minutes by train from Osaka Station) the sixth-largest city in Japan.

Kobe by backy3723 from Pixabay
Kobe Port and Kobe Tower – Photo by Backy3723 from Pixabay

If you are more interested in Mother Nature and love to visit natural spaces, you will love Nara (47 minutes by train from Osaka) ounce the capital of Japan, and one of the greenest cities you’ll ever see, not only in Japan but on a global scale.

Nara by かねのり 三浦 from Pixabay
Yoshinoyama in Nara Prefecture – Photo by かねのり 三浦 from Pixabay

Economically speaking, Kanto with Yokohama and Tokyo is indisputably more important, but the Kansai area is way richer historically, culturally and aesthetically. So if you only want to do business in Japan you should go to Tokyo, but if you want to visit the traditional side of Japan, it is way better to stay in Kansai.

Tokyo is a must visit city because of its cosmopolitan aspect and unique magnitude . Osaka however offers way much more for someone who wants to visit the “real” side of Japan.

*This article was originally published on Quora as an answer from our friend MrNobody Brightside. It was edited after his agreement and added to Kansai Concierge for what it may offer as an insight for someone who is hesitant to visit the Kansai area. Featured Image of Osaka Port – Photo by Chamaiporn Kitina from Pixabay. 

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